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We're excited to have you here. As a part of BIG, you'll have access to workshops, career advice from fellow peers, and opportunities to collaborate with labs to put your new skills to use. Lets get started! Go ahead and keep scrolling to learn more, or feel free to contact anyone of the executive members - we would love to talk with you. 

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The Bioinformatics Interest Group kick started a new course for the Integrated Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program, now being led by UTHSCA faculty member Dr. Bunnik. We also have an  international group movement to work on thirteen and growing collaborations geared over specific subjects, and we host workshops every semester on specific overarching bioinformatics themes such as single cell and general RNA Sequencing. In addition to all that, we also hold thirty minute Coffee Break sessions to help new members navigate through the learning process. Join us in any of our events below!

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University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio

Greehey Children's Cancer Research Institute

8403 Floyd Curl Dr, San Antonio, TX 78229

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